Podcast Recommendation

Podcast – The NoSleep Podcast

I gave the NoSleep Podcast a try one day while at work because I wanted something with enough episodes to keep me busy for 8 hours. At the time, there were only I think 6 seasons out, and as the seasons progressed, I found myself falling deeper in love with it. I know by now everyone and their mother has recommended NSP, but if you’re holding your breath on this podcast, stop. It only gets better with time, and as much as the earlier seasons pale in comparison when looking at the production quality now, but all 13 seasons are still available for free, so it’s a really unique opportunity to listen to a podcast start from extremely humble beginnings and become one of the font-runners in horror anthology podcasts.

Some people are turned off by the fact that there are ‘season passes’ that are sold, but honestly don’t let that deter you from listening if you can’t afford them. The stories in the free versions are just as good/well produced. The season pass stories just give you more of them, and without the ads.

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