Podcast Recommendation

Podcast – The Short Stories of Augie Peterson

I followed Augie for a little while on Twitter before I realized she had a podcast, and I had to listen to it. I started off listening to a few episodes at a time, in between other things I was listening too when I needed a ‘short’ episode of something to kill a weird 15-20 minute gap between when the last episode of one podcast ended and the end of my work shift. I ended up really liking it. Here you’ll find short stories (most of which are by Augie, per the name of the podcast), and also snarky movie reviews of (mostly) really shitty movies, with the exception of a few that got genuine positive reviews.
I love her movie reviews. Not in a any way to diminish from the quality of the short stories (which are fantastic) I really started actively listening to this because of the reviews. Maybe it’s just because I mostly agree with her, but I really enjoy the snarky reviews, and of course, her stories. They’re really good, and she’s got a lot of talent. Plus, her voice is so pleasant that it can either offset or even add to the creep factor in certain stories.
If you don’t know about this podcast, or you’re looking for something that gives you some variety, check out The Short Stories of Augie Peterson. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

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