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My Facebook page is a little neglected as I tend not to log in much to my own FB anymore, but I do occasionally post writing updates, excerpts of projects, upcoming things I’ll be working on, and the occasional poll


Writing updates, personal thoughts (and a few complaints), stuff about bands I like; if you want to get to know ME, this is probably your best bet.


I post patron-exclusive short stories, audio recordings of stories I’ve previously published, snippets and teasers for things I’m currently working on, and more fun stuff. Especially if you liked my previous work about the town of Cemetery Falls, you’ll want to head over there for more exclusive content happening in Cemetery Falls.


I’ll be the first to admit, my Ko-Fi account doesn’t get the attention to posting it deserves, but if you’ve liked something on the site and you’d like to help me create more of that content, ko-fi is a simple way to make a small, one-time donation

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