Podcast Recommendation

Podcast – Small Town Horror

Small Town Horror was one of the first audio drama podcasts I ever listened to, and for that, it’ll always hold a special place in my heart. I thought Ryan was a great character, and the acting made it really easy to suspend disbelief. I was really invested in the story as it unfolded, and… Continue reading Podcast – Small Town Horror

Book Reviews

Book Review – Cruel Works of Nature by Gemma Amor

During Women in Horror Month, I finally got around to reading something I've had in my Amazon Kindle library forever, but hadn't found the time to devour yet. Let me tell you, that was certainly my mistake. If for some reason, you're sleeping on this book, stop. Go get it, open your phone, download it,… Continue reading Book Review – Cruel Works of Nature by Gemma Amor

Podcast Recommendation

Podcast – The Short Stories of Augie Peterson

I followed Augie for a little while on Twitter before I realized she had a podcast, and I had to listen to it. I started off listening to a few episodes at a time, in between other things I was listening too when I needed a ‘short’ episode of something to kill a weird 15-20… Continue reading Podcast – The Short Stories of Augie Peterson

movie reviews

Movie Review – The Velocipastor

My friend told me about the movie The Velocipastor, and it sounded deliciously ridiculous, so I knew I had to watch it. That same night, I forced my boyfriend to sit in the living room with me while we subjected ourselves to this…whatever it was what I watched. While I wasn’t going in with super… Continue reading Movie Review – The Velocipastor