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Content Warnings – The Writing Rating System?

Some people love content warnings, other people absolutely despise them. My feelings on the matter are that I can take them or leave them, but I also know the absence of one won't cause any kind of deep emotional/psychological reaction if I stumble upon content I’m not comfortable with. While a little while ago, I… Continue reading Content Warnings – The Writing Rating System?

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2020 Writing Goals!

So, in previous years, I've done really badly with getting my writing goals both known and accomplished. In 2019, I accomplished 8 out of 15 goals, which is actually pretty good, considering one of those goals was "beat cancer." So there's a bit more context here, these were my 2019 goals: 2019 Goals # Submit… Continue reading 2020 Writing Goals!

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Movie Review – Stephanie

I've always really liked horror movies. Even though after a while they're fairly predictable, and often times they end up being more cheesy than scary, I find it hard to pull away from the draw when looking for something to watch on Netflix, Hulu, or one of my other streaming services. Much of what I… Continue reading Movie Review – Stephanie

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NaNoWriMo 2018: an Update and a Few Thoughts on “Dirty Tricks”

I'm behind, considering I was hoping to be an overachiever this month. I'm not honestly too worried about it, but I am wondering if I'll be able to pick up the slack and actually hit the goal of 100k (50k per project) that I was hoping to reach. I've been working almost exclusively in my… Continue reading NaNoWriMo 2018: an Update and a Few Thoughts on “Dirty Tricks”

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Book Review: Selcouth by Candice Azalea Greene

This was such a great read. Honestly, this story gripped me right from the first sentence and didn't let go until the last sentence. My only complaint is that it is on the short side. However, adding too much more to it would have taken away from its charm, so really, even my complaint adds… Continue reading Book Review: Selcouth by Candice Azalea Greene