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Coming Soon – Movie Reviews!

As a writer of mostly horror and dark fantasy, I consume a lot of horror media – movies, shows, books, etc. I’ve done a few books reviews on here, which have gotten generally positive feedback, so I’ve decided to move into a new category – movies!

I watch a lot of random horror movies on Netflix, Hulu, etc. Most of the time, I’m the only person (with the exception of my boyfriend) who I know have seen these, and it makes talking about them/sharing opinions difficult, so I thought if I was to do reviews, it would give me an outlet for all of the media I consume.

I can’t say that every review will be glowing, since I watch a lot of BAD movies on Netflix. I’ve been known to go through the “horror” genre bar and selecting one based on description alone, for better or worse, and committing to it. Sometimes I find hidden gems, sometimes I…do not.

I’m hoping this will also give me something to post about regularly, where my writing has taken a bit of a back-burner most of this year due to my health (which is fine now). I’m hoping to get a couple of movie reviews up a month, but we’ll see with that, I guess. If I get decent at reviewing movies, along with the books, maybe I’ll break into other media like podcasts and television shows, but for now I don’t want to overwhelm myself as I’m just now trying to get back into the swing of making sure I post at least semi-regularly.

The first review I’m planning is for a movie I watched over the weekend and was very pleasantly surprised by, a horror movie called Stephanie. So keep your eyes out for that. I’m hoping to get it up in the next couple of days.

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