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Book Review – Brenna Morgan and the Iron Key by Katie Masters

Star Rating (out of 5) – 4

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Book blurb from Amazon:

When sixteen year-old Brenna Morgan arrives in Ireland with her travel-writer mother, she expects the usual—a few months in yet another country that isn’t home. What she doesn’t anticipate is running into a dying fairie who saves her life in exchange for a promise to protect a child hidden in the fairie realm. Armed with only her wits and a strange iron key given to her by the fairie, Brenna is pulled into a world where myth and legend cross all too often into reality.

She is aided in her search by her newfound friend Patrick, and a reluctant fairie with a grudge against humans. But the more she uncovers the more she starts to realize that not all is as it seems, that danger comes in the most unassuming of guises, and that the child she swore to protect could destroy not only the fairie world, but her own as well.


I really enjoyed this book. There was more than enough action to keep me entertained. For the most part, it had really good pacing and enough ups and downs to make sure I was able to find my footing — so to speak — again before having the carpet dragged out from under me, in the best possible way. I enjoyed the characters and how each one served a specific purpose. None were simply there for filler or unnecessary drama.

Another thing I was happy to see was how flawed the characters were. Our heroine, Brenna, was a bit of a hot-head, and throughout the course of the novel made some choices that landed her in much more trouble than she might have been in had she taken a moment to assess the situation. But how many of us, in times of great stress (and especially as teenagers) have the presence of mind to fully go over the repercussions of any certain decision?

The story was admittedly dragged down in some places, the pacing forced almost to a halt by Brenna’s insistence on going to school. Having never attended a real school because of her parents traveling her entire life, it’s a battle she often lost with her mother since the constant relocation made it impossible for Brenna to stay in the same place long enough to finish a school year. Brenna often puts the needs of those helping her — as well as her entire task of protecting the key and searching for the leanbh, on hold so she can go through the motions of feeling like a normal teenager, the story gains momentum and becomes an action-packed journey through a magical world full of supernatural threats.

Even with the slight pacing issue brought on by Brenna insisting on being a “normal” kid for once, the story was really fun and enjoyable. It had an almost fairy-tale aura around it, and it was honestly incredibly hard for me to put down.


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